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Sculpture commission and portraiture

silver sculpture of  an equestrian levade

Commissioning a sculpture

I also work on commission, from portraits to bespoke orders. The prices depends usualy on the size and the complexity. I only work on few commissions per year so I only work on medium to medium or large bronze commissions only.

Portraits and commissions are usually more expensive than an edition bronze as it is a unique piece.

Booking and Payment process

I usually take a booking non- refundable deposit to secure the booking and book a schedule in my calendar. If you cancel the order this deposit won't be refunded.

When the work is ready to start a payment of 50% of the reamining amount is requested. I tend to work earky on armature for the life modeling when possible, and then life modeling. For larger work, this is then scaled up after in the studio.

Once the portrait is done, you will need to approve it to go to the next stage. Once you are happy with the work and it is ready to go to the foundry the remaining 50% are due to be paid.

the foundry works takes between 6 to 12 weeks or more depending on the size and complexity.

dog bronze commission sculpture

Postage and travel:

Postage and travel fees (flights or train) are not included in the initial quote for the bronze and if required will be quoted separately.


Refund and cancellations:

The initial deposit to secure the booking is not refundable.

Once the work has started, if you cancel the order at the first stage, i will deduct the work already done and refund the remaining of the 50% paid ( note that this doesnt include the initial deposit). Refund might take some time as i am a small practice. Cancellation as early as possible is advisable.

Once the work is at the foundry, no refund is possible as the work is bespoke.